Bridget Thorne was introduced to Michael Sporn and to animation in 1980 when Sporn hired her to work on his film "Byron B. Blackbear". Many  Sesame Street spots and children's book adaptations followed. 

Except for a year spent at the InkTank as production manager on R. O. Blechman's  production of "A Soldier's Tale", she collaborated exclusively with Michael doing ink and paint, storyboards, art direction and backgrounds.

Bridget enjoyed the freedom of artistic expression throughout her experience working with Michael on a number of award winning films, including, "The Hunting of the Snark", "Dr. DeSoto", "Lyle Lyle Crocodile", "What's Under My Bed?" and "Ira Sleeps Over".

In 1990 Bridget moved to the country, with husband Gary Jacobson and two sons, Matthew and Augustus, where she continued to work for Sporn as art director and background painter on several half hour specials, the last being Whitewash in 1997.