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Top Cel – 2

- It’s 1961-1962, and we return to Vinnie Caffarelli‘s collection of Top Cel, the u-nion’s monthly newsletter. As I wrote last week, the interest in this period of the publication is that the editor, animator Ed Smith, brought a lot of great graphics to the publication, and they really stood out. These were collector’s items for a lot of the membership, and I’m glad Vinnie had saved these so that I can share them with you. I have a collection of them that dates back a bit earlier, but all those have been in storage for some time and I can’t easily get to them.

We have in this group something that seems to have been fairly regular, the wraparound cover. The first and last pages of the newsletter unfold to be one long drawing. I’ve attached both pages and turn them on their side so they can be properly seen.

A lot ow work went into putting these newsletters together, so kudos to Ed Smith for having done such a great job.

August 1961 – drawing by Ed Smith

1b 1c

1d 1e


October 1961 – drawing by Len Glasser

2b 2c


Novemeber 1961 – drawing by Dolores Cannata

3b 3c


December 1961 – drawing unsigned (?)

4b 4c


April 1962 – drawing by Len Glasser

5b 5c

June 1962, drawing by Karl Fischer

6b 6c

May 1962, drawing by Bill Feigenbaum

7b 7c

July 1962, drawing by Len Glasser

8b 8c


August 1962, drawing by C. R. (?) possibly Cliff Roberts

9b 9c

September 1962, drawing by Karl Fischer

10b c


October 1962, drawing unsigned (?)

I wish these great drawings were better labeled.

11b c

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  1. on 23 Jan 2013 at 4:24 pm 1.Tom Minton said …

    Wonder if Harry E. Smith’s “Animaglyph” process later became the “Aniforms” process? The description in the August 1961 Top Cel (upper left quadrant of the page) sounds somewhat similar.

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