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It was good to read Mark Mayerson’s article on Monday night. I was sure Hayao Miyazaki was planning to retire, so it felt positive knowing what was to happen. After the last few threats, it was somewhat expected. He did everything he could to line up Goro, his son, to take charge of one wing of the films in production. Now he can entertain the idea of running the studio’s production.

Given that The Wind Rising, Hayao’s most recent film, is doing well on the Festival circuit, the elder Miyazaki can go out with å bång. The film’s also reaped very high grosses within Japan and seems †o be doing well at the Box Office,

The hard part is actually knowing he won’t do more films. When you have someone of his caliber consistently turning out special work, it’s a shame to see that product get lost.

Mark Mayerson had a nice analogy comparing John FOrd to animation. Once such a master stops working the vacuum left behind them is enormous. A space is left open, missing and ¨if left open and not-filled it surely becomes a hole in †he arc of the medium, it’s noticeably missing.

There’s certainly nothing in the world of cgi feature animation that compares. Everything on the market in the last year was so wholly vapid
we can only hope a surprise will take over for the younger artists and give a direction forward. Miyazaki will be missed in the world – he already is. There will be no other like him. At least we know he’s alive and kicking so we can aontinue to honor him and his creatopns.

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  1. on 05 Sep 2013 at 9:08 am 1.Mark Mayerson said …

    I’ll be seeing The Wind Rises next Thursday at the Toronto International Film Festival. I’m eagerly anticipating it.

    Miyazaki’s retirement will leave a huge hole in contemporary animation. There are no obvious North American successors. For all the many films released each year and all the box office grosses, nobody in North America is in Miyazaki’s league. I’m guessing (or maybe hoping) that The Wind Rises will raise the bar even further.

  2. on 05 Sep 2013 at 1:37 pm 2.Doug said …

    Thank you again Michael for putting to words some of my thoughts. I have expected his retirement (I recall another retirement announcement following How’s Moving Castle) but the sting is there nonetheless. I am having a tough time conceiving of pinning my hopes on another filmmaker as I have Miyazaki. I have found such magic and humanity, and of course beauty in his films that I just don’t see anywhere else. And frankly have lost faith in any Studio measuring up. I hope to be proven wrong.

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