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An Artist

– Since I presented some photos of Yurij Norstein yesterday, I thought today I’d call attention to several pieces about him on line.

His short film adapted from a haiku by the Japanese poet Bashō is on YouTube. This was a project done for an compilation animation feature. Go here to view it if you haven’t. Actually, you should see it again if you have seen it.

In the withering gusts,
a wanderer …
How much like Chikusai I have become!

Then take some time to read the excellent interview with Norstein about this film.

Follow this by watching a short commercial Norstein directed/animated.

Of course, if you really want to do justice to this great artist, you should view (not on YouTube but on DVD) Tale of Tales. And watch it a couple of times to really get the brilliance. This DVD also includes all of his other films (which are equally brilliant.)

The Norstein DVD also includes a 15 minute documentary about his work and his work methods. This has been placed on YouTube in two parts. It includes several shots of him working on his multiplane camera set-up.
Here’s part 1
and part 2

There’s also a wonderful book by Clare Kitson, Yuri Norstein And Tale of Tales: An Animator’s Journey. It’s an inspired and inspirational book. Especially if you know the film.

I highly recommend it.




4 Responses to “An Artist”

  1. on 03 Sep 2007 at 11:28 am 1.Tom Minton said …

    Wow. There’s a hell of a lot more than manipulation going on between Yuri Norstein and his articulated figures. Thanks for linking to these clips, Michael.

  2. on 03 Sep 2007 at 11:39 am 2.David Nethery said …

    Yes, thank you for the links to the clips . I had not seen the documentary on Norstein , so was very glad to have seen that . I was very interested to find that he is working on a longer film (65 minutes) called “The Overcoat” based on a story by Gogol.


  3. on 03 Sep 2007 at 12:21 pm 3.Michael said …

    Hi David:
    Norstein has been working on The Overcoat since finishing Tale of Tales. I’ve seen about fifteen minutes of the work which is every bit as good as Tale of Tales, but my suspicion is this will never be completed. It’s been in production longer than Dick Williams did with Cobbler and the Thief.

  4. on 03 Sep 2007 at 11:19 pm 4.Mig said …

    Feodor Khitruk is one of my heroes, so I guess I will love Norstein´s work too, thanks for sharing.

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