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Ever Rising, the winds of change

burmoutJumping in to Miyaakii’s most recent feature – to cross the seas, we find a very complex film with an aggressive approach to ward the telling of a love story. The architect of a bomb designed to destroy lives in fighting that war is the precise subject behind this longish film. It is not endearing (though that would be questionable in discussing these masters of violence for their country.

An horrendous look straight down the nose of a blistering work of nature, the Hurricane, as lovers are brought together afterward she gets ill and suffers from the pangs of war without having been near the font lines of the tumult wherever it is.

From therre to the end is a military mission wherein the architect shoots at the world. A scientist who accomplishes his mission while killing more people than the earthquake he met at the film’s start. This is one fine movie from a thinking man. He’s seen enough sorrow to want a peaceful ending for his children. It isn’t coming.

Animation, you wait and beg to do it, but in your heart you want to do brave things with positive things to say. I want so desperately to do the good stuff. At this point I’ll take the mediocre, with some sadness.


I wish . . . I wish . . . I wish . . .

Theree were only good and responsible pieces of animation anymore. But no they just grow Mickey and his private parts larger and larger in Flash until the money doesn’t sow and then they blow them up.

Just like that SCTV show they blowed him up real good.

Noone knows what will happen. It hurts you know. Croods and Monsters and Incredible him. He was incredible; he made a big success and now the second one. Incredible Him. I guess those turkeys should be big too, a holiday out of Thanksgiving. What do you know? Maybe one or two of the shorts will be fun. Not umbrellas making eyes at each other. We need some Prince Valiant to come along and save us all. Maybe that’s me.

2 Responses to “Ever Rising, the winds of change”

  1. on 26 Oct 2013 at 10:12 am 1.Elliot Cowan said …

    There are no Prince Valiants, Michael!
    Don’t even look!
    Make your own things.
    It’s the only way…

  2. on 28 Oct 2013 at 9:55 pm 2.Howard Beckerman said …

    Hi Mike,
    This is a wonderful edition of the Splog. I enjoy ogling all the classic Disney stuff and am amazed at Miyazaki’s upcoming production. You might be happy to know that I screened “Pinocchio” in school a couple of weeks ago. Since these kids don’t know what to look for ( I think they think all animation is equal) I pointed out points for them to look for and explained that the film was a masterpiece that is still influencing the look of current computer productions and many other world animated films. At the end of the screening they were cheering. Anyway, thanks and I hope your feeling better. Be well,

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