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Frozen Films

I apologize. I’m getting older and animation has turned from its simple little roots of magic. From those simple glories to where the one blow hard driving the car can cause such difficulties. But the response couldn’t have been – not for Mickey, Donald, Goofy, or the nephews – it couldn’t have been to react with an automatic aid button from the very unwacky world of 3D computer animation. That’s not even “Deux Ex Machina” that’s “Cartoonist ex machina”. (Aid from above, anyone.)

OK,it’s been done once, now what? Having Bugs torture Daffy is one thing; saving the day is another.

And what about FROZEN? Everything seems to have some kind of magical spell to save the day. Push hair away from eyebrows, close your eyes real tight and say “Magic words of Poof Poof Piffles; make me just as small as sniffles.” Wallah! You’re tiny too, and can do what ever you up to doing.

Sometimes the calico remains on your body sometimes it doesn’t. How are you really textured?
Or are you just some chamois piece of material that’ll make right with the world.

Does anyone get the point? There can be no danger if it all just happens and then comes undone. You see, Everything has to have rules . . . everything, or there is no danger. And then, what’s the point?

Goofy and Donald and Mickey can jump into the world where things are browner, blacker or yellower, even more purple. And they can’t wash away their thought sm – not so easily, at least, had they had their way Mr. Boehner or Mr. Cruze or even Mr. Obama.

Let’s think about the things we’re showing our kids. Magical worlds in twisters … OK. Worlds where real hate and hurt abound, let’s think a bit about it. OK?

Now the film begins.
Anything with Bugs, Mickey or Daffy can’t be too bad -
You can pretty well believe in that theorem.

CARS 2 bottom to the lowest.
MONSTER UNIVERSITY – OK it’s just middling fantasy)
WRECK IT RALPH – No need, Thanks. Someone’s just out to make bucks

RAPUNZEL/TANGLED - OK, but it's totally irrelevant

Should I go on?

Can't we make our lives and our literature of some value?

Elliot, I was sick all weekend. So what else is new these days? I can handle it,
and if it means seeing ONLY YESTERDAY or The RISEN WIND.

Protecting the kids’ minds is everything.
Watch what they watch and if you can’t take it, stop them.
Friday is a good day for Johnson’s muck ups.
We have to take notice.
We have to be aware.

3 Responses to “Frozen Films”

  1. on 30 Oct 2013 at 6:00 am 1.Bill Benzon said …

    Hey, Michael, the whole world’s in this kind of mess. You aren’t the only one who’s exhausted from the hard labor of keeping your finger in the hole in the dike.

    Last weekend I went to hear the most marvelous concert in the West Park Presbyterian Church. It was an evening of music by Carman Moore and his Skymusic Ensemble. I’ve never heard anything quite like it. It wasn’t the same old same old late Romantic classical, but it wasn’t grating avant-garde weirdness and complexity. It was rich, multi-cultural, and satisfying.

    But Carman’s just below the radar screen. Yes, he’s gotten some big commissions (e.g. from Lincoln Center for a Mass for the 21st Century almost two decades ago), he’s worked with the likes to Cissy Houston and Sam Rivers, and he’s now gotten a well-deserved Guggenheim. But the major venues aren’t programming his music on the regular, and Hollywood isn’t knocking on his door for film scores (incidentally, he could do a bang-up job on your Poe biopic).

    And who’s the richest artist in the world? Some guy who pickles sharks in formaldehyde and has assistants paint pretty polkadots on a white background.

  2. on 30 Oct 2013 at 3:03 pm 2.the Gee said …

    (not sure if that will correct anything; most likely, Michael, you as administrator need to correct the BOLDing problem)

    I’m not familiar with using WordPress but:

    1) somehow the bold tag is still active and everything is showing up in BOLD;
    2) If WP doesn’t have a Spell Check to allow for catching typos, have you thought about using a word processing program which has a Spell Check then copying/pasting that into a Post?

    For the latter, I’ve had plenty of days when I juxtapose letters when I type because my fingers aren’t cooperating. I swear, for a while I routinely mis-spelled my own name in e-mails.
    As for Frozen: If you liked the earlier version (the 1950s Soviet one), could you explain how that was good in comparison to how Disney’s version is not good?

    I’ve seen the Art LInkletter hosted version…and it bored the heck out of me so much I never watched the ending. As a result, it seems like even the concept was lame; that the story was lame; I barely care about seeking out the original story of “The Snow Queen”.

    But, if this version is not good, hardly watchable, then how is the hand drawn 1950s film “good”?

    If it is too much of a bother to do a comparison and contrast, that’s fine. A brief explanation of how a defunct Soviet studio out-entertained the contemporary Disney studios would be nice.

    Again, 1957’s film for me=Nappy Time.
    As a result, I could care less about Frozen

  3. on 17 Dec 2013 at 7:33 am 3.Carroll Loskill said …

    i should have found it sooner well done !!!

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