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Bambi Color Sketches

- Bambi has to be one of the most stunning of all animated films, nevermind Disney films, and the preliminary artwork that went into it is probably even greater than what made it to the screen. The Bambi Sketchbook series book and the Ollie Johnston/Frank ThomasBambi book supports this with lots of beautiful artwork.

I can’t resist posting some of these images, so decided to go for it. It’s inspiration for me and may be for some of you as well.

From the Sketchbook, these are sketches by Tyrus Wong. His artwork really shaped this movie and give it the amazing integrity it has.

___________(Click any image to enlarge.)

4 Responses to “Bambi Color Sketches”

  1. on 21 Apr 2008 at 10:41 am 1.Thad said …

    Michael, do you happen to have Marc Davis’ preliminary skeletal studies for the film? I would love to see those.

  2. on 21 Apr 2008 at 10:55 am 2.Michael said …

    Thad, I posted Rico Le Brun’s skeletal studies back in June 2007. I’ll repost them later this week since I’m on a Bambi kick suddenly.

  3. on 21 Apr 2008 at 11:32 am 3.Tim Rauch said …

    Mmm, yum! I first saw this stuff in “Before the Animation Begins” and was always hoping to see more. Somehow, despite being a Disney fan since kindergarten, I had never seen Bambi until a coworker lent me the DVD last fall. I sure was missing out! In my opinion, this is the most beautiful (in that lyrical, elegant, too-good-for-a-shmuck-like-me sense of the word) of all Disney movies, maybe even animated films. Extreme statement? That opening multiplane shot, with the owl coming in on just the right line at just the right time is amazing. And it goes on like that through the entire thing. Thanks for posting these!

  4. on 21 Apr 2008 at 3:51 pm 4.Thad said …

    Thank you Michael! This stuff is beautiful too.

    I wonder where Davis’ artwork for Bambi survives though. A teacher of a friend visited him once and claims Davis’ study was literally papered with his skeletal studies from the film. (The room was also littered with stacks of Bambi sketches.)

    And I agree entirely with you about the film. It is one of the few truly mature films the medium has ever offered.

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