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ASIFA Photos

- Last night, ASIFA East held its 39th annual Festival at the New School. There were over two hours of award winners, and it was one of the better shows of the past few years. I’m not going to report on any of the award winners or titles, but I did take a bunch of amateur photos. To find out the winning films go to the ASIFA East website; they’ll post titles today or tomorrow._____________________________________________(Click images to enlarge.)

Here are the pics and apologies to all for the slapdash quality.

1 2
Shooting from the back of the house, I wasn’t able to get the best shots of award winners. Here are two of the less fuzzy pics.
(1) Dave Levy looks on as Mike and Tim Rauch receive the award for their film, Germans In The Woods.
(2) Bill Plympton thanks all the people who helped him make Hot Dog.

This is the room before it packs up with people. The food table stretched the length of the room.

Here are ASIFA East’s last two Presidents: Linda Simensky and David Levy.

Candy Kugel, Heidi Stallings and Marie Dovas

Tim Rauch who won a prize for Germans In The Woods enjoys the party while Bill Plympton crosses in the background.

Mike Rauch with fiancee, Emily, enjoy their film’s success.

Adrian Urquidez, ASIFA East’s “webmaster,” and Masako Kanayama are in deep conversation.

Doug Vitarelli enjoys the party with Amid Amidi.

Jimmy Picker keeps Biljana Labovic laughing.

Lev Polyakov flanks John Schnall (left) and Howard Beckerman (right)

Bill Plympton with some fans and friends.

Heidi Stallings and Debra Solomon.

5 Responses to “ASIFA Photos”

  1. on 05 May 2008 at 10:59 am 1.Mike Rauch said …

    Hi Michael. Thanks for this wonderful post. It was a fun night, and even better to share it with such a great group of films/filmmakers. I’m glad someone was there taking snapshots. I had a camera, but as is so often the case I took very few pictures and regretted it later.

  2. on 05 May 2008 at 11:20 am 2.Tim Rauch said …

    Thanks for the post Michael, it was great to see you there and thanks for the support! Hope you don’t mind, I cribbed the photo of Mike and I accepting for my blog… all we had was a disposable! We had a great time, thanks to Dave, all of ASIFA-East, and Cartoon Network.

  3. on 05 May 2008 at 2:58 pm 3.Dave Levy said …

    We are so lucky to have this amazing community that genuinely wants to celebrate each other’s successes and share in each others lives. Thanks for the great post, Michael!

  4. on 05 May 2008 at 10:08 pm 4.Tom Sito said …

    It’s nice to see the ASIFA*East Awards doing so well and getting so big. I remember in the 1970s when we all sat in a small room in the Phoenix School with Dick Rauh fumbling with the projector and Tissa calling out through the darkness, “Dee next Feelm is Horrible!”

    From all of us way out in Hollyweird,
    Congrats to ASIFA*East and Congrats to all the winners !

  5. on 06 May 2008 at 9:35 pm 5.Masako said …

    Holy Paparazzo! I didn’t even know I was photographed. This annual ASIFA-EAST Festival encourages me to keep going after what I love. Thank you for the post, and thank you for the decent picture.

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