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PhotoSunday – Construction Update

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Two months ago I posted some photographs (including the one above) and wrote about three construction sites in my eyeline. The photo above represented the largest of the three just a block away from my home.

Well, they’ve been busy these past eight weeks, and I thought I’d post an update.

Here’s a shot from about a block away Park Ave. on a Saturday morning.
During the week the building is a flurry of activity: lots of hardhats
redirecting people and cars around the triple-parked trucks delivering materials.

This picture shows the 29th Street crossing.

Another angle – on 29th Street looking toward Park.

In another month, you won’t be able to see this sign painted on the
building next door. Did the advertiser get his money’s worth?

This enormous crane gives an idea of how tall the building will
ultimately be. Another blockage to the view the Empire State Building.

They’ve constructed a walkway around the building.

This tunnel moves you across 29th St. (under the base of the crane.)

This tunnel takes you down Park Ave. under lots of
crashing, stomping and other scary noises.

Here’s a view from the South side looking North.
Not much to see.

One wonders if there will be any customers left who’ll be able to rent one of the offices in this building. The Economy being what it is.

We’ll check in on the progress another couple of months from now. They’re obviously rushing the consturction.

5 Responses to “PhotoSunday – Construction Update”

  1. on 22 Feb 2009 at 9:11 am 1.Paul Spector said …

    They’re directing pedestrians UNDER the base of the crane?! Geez brother, be careful. Take 30th or something.

  2. on 22 Feb 2009 at 5:35 pm 2.Richard O'Connor said …

    I look forward to 30 years from now when this building gets torn down, revealing an ancient cel phone ad. It may be as quaint as the faded habadashery and hair tonic ads that dot the skyline today.

  3. on 23 Feb 2009 at 1:16 pm 3.John said …

    Stayed in the hotel a half a block away from there when I was in New York last summer. I don’t thin k the newstand next door was enjoying the project very much, even before the big scaffolding went up.

    Keeping the walkways as close to the building as possible is actually safer than keeping them close to the street or even in the parking lane, since any falling items — or collapsing cranes — are more likely to make a mess in the street. But those things can be creepy to walk through, especially in an area that’s not very busy at night.

  4. on 23 Feb 2009 at 1:38 pm 4.Michael said …

    If it’s the same hotel I’m thinking of, Rowan Atkinson stayed there as well last summer. I went into a restaurant I like, and he was there ordering something to be delivered to his hotel room. I was impressed that he would stay there.

  5. on 24 Feb 2009 at 1:21 am 5.John said …

    I’m surprised he’d be there, too, although the two times I’ve stayed there (14 years apart), the rooms have been clean, the beds comfortable and the hot water comes when you call for it. But I don’t think anyone over 250 pounds is narrow enough to fit down the hallways.

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