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Bits and Odds

This odd assortment of photos doesn’t quite fit into any group so I’d like to post them together.

- You’ll remember that a couple of weeks back I posted a photo of a building not far from my home which seems to be zooming up, several floors at a time. Within four months at least eight floors have been constructed.

(Click any image to enlarge.)

The image above right shows the building in December 2009.
To the left, we see the building on February 22, 2009.

Here’s the building today. Zoom.
The sign for the cel phone is completely covered.

Well, perhaps they’ve worked TOO quickly.
This past week a man fell off a scaffold and died.
The building inspector then found some 15 violations, and
construction was shut down until that was corrected.

How ironic that this sign greets the passersby.
I guess management hasn’t read it.


In the South Bronx, I came across this stained glass window
in the exit to the SUBWAY.

Credit goes to Romare Beardon, Benoit Gilsoul and Helmut Schardt.

These two side windows make it a five window display.
I couldn’t get back far enough to include all five at once.


Finally, the Bleecker St. subway station is undergoing some construction work.
Just off to the side of the construction is this beautiful and old mosaic.
I’m a bit nervous that it may disappear, but I’m hoping that it’s too
beautiful for even the dullest executive to eliminate.

One Response to “Bits and Odds”

  1. on 22 Mar 2009 at 12:02 pm 1.John said …

    A lot of the subway architecture from the original 1904 lines (including Bleecker) now have historical designations, so the mosaic should survive (and that gawdawful 1950s tiling at the north end of the uptown platform should be replaced with something that better matches the original designs, when they extend the platform south to Houston Street).

    On the other hand, the opening of the new South Ferry station last week means the original 100-plus year-old mosaics in the old station are no longer going to be seen by the public.

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