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We Got Shorts

New York is in Festival mode. The Tribeca Film Festival is here with all the flashiness that it’s offered in the past. I have to assume that there are some animated shorts playing in their festival, but I’ve had a hell of a time trying to find any via their website. Two or three titles included “Shrek”!!! Sorry.

I do know that George Griffin has a film, The Bather, playing as part of the Shorts in Competition: Documentary.

    The Festival guide includes this description: A woman is observed showering behind a translucent curtain. Gradually the view is obscured by a superimposed flipbook: a sequence of drawings of a dancing woman. As a harpsichord prelude interrupts the environment of natural sounds, the dancer is freed from the pages and cavorts in a multiplicity of erotic gestures as if propelled by the throbbing contrapuntal tempo. Moving through the overlapping images a string of words suggests sources, motives, and memories.

    The schedule for this short is:
    4/23 9:45pm AMC Village VII 4
    4/30 4:15pm AMC Village VII 7
    5/2 6:15pm AMC Village VII 7
    5/3 5:30pm Tribeca Cinemas theater 1


At the same time, the BEFilm Underground Film Festival graces what few theaters are left in the city. Here’s the schedule for shorts playing about town. I’ve highlighted some films by local stars.

    Tuesday April 28, 7- 9PM
    The Dolby Screening Room / 1350 Ave. of the Americas

    The Lost Tribes of New York City (2mn), Animation, Carolyn & Andy London
    You’re Outa Here (3mn), Animation, Dir. Georges Griffin

    Majken (28mn), Narrative,
    Dir. Andrea Ostlund
    Unnatural History of Wall Street (1mn) Animation, Dir.Gary Lieb
    Waste (11mn), Narrative, Dir. Bragi Thor Hinrikson
    Test (12mn), Narrative, Dir. Marta Aledo & Natalia Mateo
    Birth (12mn), Animation, Dir. Signe Baumane
    This is Her (12mn), Narrative, Dir. Katie Wolfe
    Spore 3D (2min), Spec, Dir. Isaiah Saxon and Sean Hellfritsch
    Mandala 3D (4 min), Experimental, Dir. Paul Aaron Johnson
    Bjork – Wanderlust (6 min), Music film, Dir. Isaiah Saxon and Sean

    Wednesday April 29, 7- 9PM
    The Disney Screening Room / 500 Park Ave (SW Corner of 59th St)

    Mother’s Day (2mn), Animation, Dir. David Lobser
    Tony Zoreill (20mn), Narrative, Dir. Valentin Potier
    Missed Aches (4mn), Animation, Dir. Joanna Priestley
    The Nail (15mn), Narrative, Dir. Benedikt Eslingsson
    Procrastination (4mn), Animation, Dir. John Kelly
    Success (10mn), Narrative, Dir. Diederik Ebbinge
    This Way Up (9mn), Animation, Dir. Smith & Foulkes
    Life is Hard (20mn), Narrative, Dir. Gabriel Sirbu
    Life On A Limb (6mn), Animation, Dir. David Chai
    Come Coco 3D (5 min), animation/live action, Dir. Santiago Caicedo

    Thursday April 30, 7- 9PM
    The Disney Screening Room / 500 Park Ave (SW Corner of 59th St)

    Photo (10mn), Animation, Dir. Maryam Kalilzade
    Mutt (7mn), Animation, Dir. Glen Hunwick
    Out of The Blue (10mn), Narrative, Dir. Michael Lavelle
    Just In Case (5mn), Animation, Dir. Joshua Frankel
    The C in Allah (5mn), Documentary, Dir. Eileen White
    Brothers in Arms (4mn), Animation, Dir. Elliot Cowan
    On The Road To Tel-Aviv (19mn), Narrative, Dir. Khen Shalem
    Dany Cohen’s Bengay (1mn), Spec, Dir. Willy Hartland
    Les Vulnerables (14mn), Narrative, Dir. Bent – Jorgen Perlmutt
    Global Warming (2mn), Animation, Dir. Igor Coric
    Skylight (5mn), Animation,Dir. David Baas
    Remember My Name (12mn), Narrative, Dir. Bo Duffy

    Thursday April 30, 7- 9PM
    The Gershwin Hotel Screening Room / 7 East 27th St.

    Oscar Wilde/Company of Thieves (5mn), Music Video, Dir. Jason Hinkie
    People Are Animals (2mn), Animation, Dir. Chris Papa
    The Japanese Sandman (11mn), Narrative, Dir. Ed Buhr
    Little Face (10mn), Narrative, Dir. Matthew Walker & Benjamin Lole
    Feast (3mn), Animation, Dir. Jihyun Ahn & Adel Kerpely
    Spacemen Three (13mn), Narrative, Dir. Hugh O┬╣Conor
    Dog With Electric Collar (6mn), Animation, Dir. Steve Baker
    6.5 Minutes in Tel Aviv (6.5mn), Narrative, Dir. Mirie Baraness
    Dany Cohen’s Rhinestones (1mn), Spec, Dir. Willy Hartland
    Coal Spell (8mn), Animation, Dir. Sun Xun
    Jukka (12mn), Experimental, Dir. Emmanuel Trousse
    Hope Springs Eternal (7mn), Animation, Dir. Ron Noble
    Orange Juice (12mn), Narrative, Dir. Ronan Moucheboeuf
    Galaxy 3D (3 min), animation, Dir. Santiago Caicedo
    A Sign(6mn), Narrative, Dir. Josephine Mackerras

    Friday May 1, 7- 9PM
    The Disney Screening Room / 500 Park Ave (SW Corner of 59th St)

    Glory To The Conquerors of Space 3D (7mn), Animation, Dir. Ryan Suits
    Breaking and Entering 3D (3mn), Experimental, Dir. Korinna McRobert
    Breath (2mn), Experimental, Dir. John Thompson
    Lost & Found (5mn), Narrative, Dir. Catherine Bolliet & Jerry Chen
    CU@ED’S (13mn), Narrative, Dir. Casey Stangl
    Santa: The Fascist Years (4mn), Animation, Dir. Bill Plympton
    Kate Wakes (17mn), Narrative, Dir. Jasmine Kosovic
    Sleeping World (30 s), Spec, Dir. George Kyrtsis
    Caught In The Net (10mn), Narrative, Dir. Stephanie Kleinhenz
    Couch Therapy (1mn), Spec, Dir. Jen McGowan
    Vandalen (16mn), Narrative, Dir. Simon Steuri
    Red Rabbit (8mn), Animation, Dir. Egmont Mayer
    Side Effects (9mn), Narrative, Dir. Chuck Rose
    Animated American (15mn), Narrative, Dir. Joe Haidar
    Surprise (18mn), Narrative, Dir. Fabrice Maruca

    Saturday May 2, 7- 9PM
    The Dolby Screening Room / 1350 Ave. of the Americas


    Bonaroo 3D (2min), Spec, Dir. Elliot Jokelson
    Downlove 3D (7 min), narrative/experimental, Dir. Euripides Laskarides
    Porque Hay Cosas (12mn), Narrative, Dir. Lucas Figueroa
    Descendants (10mn), Animation, Dir. Helko Van Der Scher
    The Thaw (6.5mn), Narrative, Dir. Jean Francois Nadeau
    KJFG #5 (2mn), Animation, Dir. Alexei Alexeev
    Struck (7mn), Narrative, Dir. Taron Lexton
    That Hand Film(1mn), Animation, Dir. Adam Ansorge
    Uncovered (15mn), Narrative, Dir. Matthew Linnell
    Germans In The Woods (3mn), Animation, Dir. Rauch Brothers
    Made In Japan (5mn), Narrative, Dir. Ciro Altabas
    Poker (.5mn), Spec, Dir. Irene Borrego
    Pal/Secam (15mn), Narrative, Dir. Dmitri Povolotsky
    The Royal Nightmare (4mn), Animation, Dir. Alex Budovsky


    Awards Ceremony


My favorite post of the day comes from one of my favorite blogs, Blather from Brooklyn by Annulla. Take a look at the little gems she has posted.

2 Responses to “We Got Shorts”

  1. on 01 May 2009 at 10:17 pm 1.Elliot Cowan said …

    A star?

  2. on 09 May 2009 at 8:04 pm 2.Chris Papa said …

    Great posts, keeping us all up-to-date. Chris Papa’s short animation People Are Animals premiered at the BeFilm Fest and it went over great, thanks to the wonderful hosts at BeFilm and the spirited crowd.
    Everyone, Check out http://www.PeopleAreAnimals.com and see for yourself.
    Go New York Animation!
    Go People Are Animals !

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