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Snow White models

- Here, I continue with the recent outburst of model sheets. The following is a collection of Snow White and all seven dwarfs. I assume some of these can be found in print in one of the many collections of art from the film. I found two of the models in an old, expensive book I have which came via American Express.

The first two beautiful, original models come courtesy of Bill Peckmann‘s collection. The remainder of the group were Xerox copies I made years back. I’ve tried to clean them up a bit (lots of old grit from the ancient copies on glossy paper.)

(Click any image to enlarge.)

The Witch


Snow White




Dopey 2

Doc 1

Doc 2


Happy 1

Happy 2

Snow White & dwarf comparative sizes

Dwarf comparative sizes 1

Dwarf comparative sizes 2

3 Responses to “Snow White models”

  1. on 31 Aug 2009 at 7:02 pm 1.John Schnall said …

    My friend Derek heard a joke at a nostalgia convention this weekend which fits in here, so:

    Did you know that six dwarfs out of seven are not Happy?

  2. on 07 Oct 2009 at 4:30 pm 2.Juliana said …

    hi, how are you?
    my english is not very good, because i’m from Brazil but I would say that I loved your website! very, very good, I loved the designs of white snow, the story of three little pigs… my mother is a teacher so she works a lot with fables and always look for different versions of stories like Pinocchio, Peter Pan, Cinderella etc..

    I would say that is to be congratulated because the site is very good, although I feel little English is a great resource to find drawings and story!
    Congratulations! ;)

    ps: I hope you understand.

  3. on 30 Mar 2010 at 9:02 pm 3.Melya said …

    Hey, these are some really cool drawing pages! I like all the little notes about very useful observations for anyone trying to draw the characters. This site is great!

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