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Alex Toth at PK&A

- It’s nice to know that there’s some playing at the top.
In designing an Underoos commercial for Phil Kimmelman and Associates, Alex Toth sent funny cards to Bill Peckmann, he responded with paintings of his own. Thanks to Bill, I have some of that material, and will post it here.

First this short note from Bill about what follows:

“. . . about 30 years ago PK&A was lucky enough to do a TV “Under-Roos” spot with Alex Toth (since I was and am a HUGH Toth fan, I probably badgered Phil and the Ad agency into using Alex to do the super hero character designs and LO’s of the spot) and with that, I also became the lucky recipient Alex’s many missives. These came in the form of letters and postcards, which were wonderfully illustrated with doodles and sketches. One doodle that he used quite a bit was his cigarette smoking, signature alter ego “Grumpy Duck” (see attached).

And with that, I did some riffs on his Duck character showing the history of aviation (we were both airplane buffs) and photography (we both appreciated good photos). These were done with xerox and cel paint. Happy to say, Alex seemed to get a kick out of these.”

An example of one of Alex Toth’s mailings to Bill.

Here’s the series of ducks that Bill painted for Alex.





(Click any image you’d like to enlarge.)

“Here are some setups that Alex Toth did for the ‘Underoos’ spot for us. Since Superman and Spiderman came from rival companies, very seldom or never did they appear together. You might have a Toth fan or two in your audience, mebbe we’ll make you one. At end of s’heros is a doodle, one of his many.”




A sample of one of Alex Toth’s many doodles.

Finally, a thank you note (the original was in color) that Alex did for Rowland Wilson, they were big mutual fans. The two were friends:

Enlarge to read the panel bottom center.

7 Responses to “Alex Toth at PK&A”

  1. on 23 Mar 2010 at 11:43 am 1.james madison said …

    Love these! Thanks for sharing,

  2. on 23 Mar 2010 at 12:10 pm 2.Eric Noble said …

    These are absolutely brilliant. Alex Toth was a brilliant artist. I just wish I could be as good as him, but then I say that about every artist I admire. BTW, Alex Toth draws a brilliant Spider-Man. It’s as awesome as Steve Ditko.

  3. on 23 Mar 2010 at 3:51 pm 3.Ian Lumsden said …

    Doodles to Alex, works of art to me. The aviation duck are particularly fine. with attitude. As ever, advancing my knowledge, Michael.

  4. on 03 Apr 2010 at 4:59 pm 4.George Freeman said …

    You’ve repeated the Superman/Wonder Woman jpeg. It’s both Toth1.jpg and Toth4.jpg. Are we missing a Toth drawing?

  5. on 04 Apr 2010 at 8:26 am 5.Michael said …

    I should have caught that, George. Thanks for pointing it out. No there were no other Toth drawings; I just mistakenly posted it twice. I received multiple copies of the drawings and got mixed up. Sorry.

  6. on 17 Mar 2012 at 4:30 pm 6.percetakan said …

    I just couldn’t depart your site before suggesting that I really enjoyed the standard info a person provide for your visitors? Is gonna be back often in order to check up on new posts

  7. on 21 Mar 2012 at 10:23 am 7.bluemoonpaul said …

    Great post! I’d never seen before a Toth Spidey!

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