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Peet’s Capyboppy – Part 3

- Continuing my posting the fine illustrations by Bill Peet for his book, Capyboppy we go to the third part. As I’ve written with the first two parts, I’m not including Bill Peet’s text; I prefer just to focus on his illustrations. However, I do synthesize the story so that the illustrations make sense.

So, here are those illustrations which Bill Peckmann scanned from his copy of the book:

Capy sat on the front porch waiting for us to let him in.

He got into the habit of rolling in the mud and
getting into the pool to clean off. This made
the pool a dirty brown color. We solved this
problem by putting an old inner tube onto the
mudwallow, which Capy grew interested in.

Capy settled into the inner tube and was irritated
that he couldn’t get to his mudwallow.

He was getting to be headstrong.
He ate more and grew bigger.

Capy still rested on the sofa in evenings, however he started to get smart.
When he knew it was bedtime, he’d jump onto the ground and raced down
the hall. Just when we’d cornered him and were about to catch him,
he’d slip our grasp.

Even when we caught him, he was a handful
kicking, scratching and tossing about.

Bill helped build a pen to safely lace him in, and then
our son left to go on a month-long trip to Mexico.

We used fresh grass that was gathered on the hill
to lure Cappy back into his pen.

One day we allowed him to eat more than a handful.
A young friend, Tommy, kept feeding Cappy who finally
jumped at Tommy and scratched him on the head.

Tommy screamed and shouted and Capy lept into the pool and
settled on the bottom. Tommy was taken to the hospital and
I went to keep an eye on Cappy.

Cappy had settled in the bushes not moving. I wondered what
had caused his sudden anger, but wondered if it weren’t sudden.
Maybe he’d been building up his resentment of humans. He was a
sensitive animal. Perhaps, in some way he thought he was being
punished. Tommy returned from the hospital and
I turned to find out what news they had.

Again, many thanks to Bill Peckmann for scanning the book.

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    This is great I’m loving it!

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