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Kurtzman Covers

- Another coup sent my way by Bill Peckmann. Here we have a stash of early comic covers from the brilliant artist, Harvey Kurtzman. So sit back and enjoy the trip as you scroll down. Many thanks to Bill for sharing his never-ending archives. Here’s what Mr. Peckmann has to say about the covers (all comments beneath the Covers are also his):

    Forward Harch! With the last half of Harvey Kurtzman’s covers. Again they are in the order they were published. There willll be a segue between the war titles and MAD to give your readers a sense of where Harvey was coming from when he started MAD comics. It’s amazing how the wonderful coloring of the covers just holds up so well after all these years! The first TWO-FISTED TALES cover is so visceral in a non action way, you can just feel the bone numbing cold of those minus degrees in North Korea.





Harvey’s last TWO-FISTED cover.


His first MAD cover, # 1.

His last FRONTLINE cover. After this, his crew of Jack Davis,
Severin & Elder and Wally Wood took over cover duties.








You had to live in NYC to really appreciate this cover,
it’s a perfect spoof of the then NEW YORK DAILY NEWS,
lay out, right down to the type faces, everything!

A cute, clever idea, but as a kid, I felt we were being ripped off,
we wanted a full blown HK cover!

Even EC Comics got swept up in the 3-D fad,
they did 2 books, how they got Harvey to this cover
I’ll never know, maybe because there’s one MAD story in it.

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  1. on 23 Sep 2011 at 1:00 pm 1.Eric Noble said …

    Harvey Kurtzman was a brilliant artist. He had such a visceral power that he brings to his artwork, and I wish he did more. I love the cover for Frontline Combat No. 9. Spectacular work all around.

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