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Patel’s Pictures at an Exhibition and Gene Deitch’s Chopsticks

- After I’d posted a review of Sanjay Patel‘s most recent publication, The Big Poster Book of Hindu Deities, he sent me some information about an exhibit opening in San Francisco at the Museum of Asian Art. Included in the email were a number of photos of the exhibition setting up. I’ve chosen some to post which follow below:

The banners outside the Museum

Setting up the exhibit’s entrance sign



Hindu-Deities wall

the Lobby

the Mockup

Mural corner

the Maharaja Parade


the previs

another previs

Rangoli sketches

sketches wall

street sketches

installing the procession mural

Procession mural installed

the Vishnu wall

More pictures can be found on Sanjay’s site.

I’ve also found this short video piece about his work and thought I’d share it with you. It’s quite informative.

Mr. Patel also had an exhibition of some of his work which is reviewed here in the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco and here in the New York Times.


I received this note from Gene Deitch in the past week:

    . . . it seems nearly impossible to buy anything that’s not made in China or some other competitive distant land that’s taken over our jobs. I thought we had no other choice but to give gift certificates to local services, to benefit our own workers.

    But lo! The brand new December, 2011 issue of National Geographic magazine, published in Washington DC, and totally reliable for the truth, has come out with the news that chopsticks, necessary for all Asiatic food, are actually Made in USA, in Georgia, and exported to China and other far east, forkless regions!

    Consider a gift parcel of this traditional American product!

    (A subscription of National Geographic itself would also be great, but not without warning of the a trap I myself have fallen into. It’s impossible to give the National Geo for a single year! Once begun you are hooked for a lifetime of renewals! The magazine is so precious, so informative, and so beautifully printed, that it’s not too discardable. We ourselves have had to move four times to progressively larger quarters, just to accom-
    modate the ever growing shelf space needed since I started my subscription in 1946!)


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  1. on 26 Nov 2011 at 9:37 am 1.Stephen Macquignon said …

    The Artwork is WOW!
    I’m off to buy chopsticks

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