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Tuesday’s Tissa Memorial – 1

- Tuesday night, we had a memorial service for Tissa David who passed away in August. I organized this event with a lot of help from John Canemaker and Buzzco’s Candy Kugel and Rick Broas, who did a lot of work in prepping the material for the final edit which ws done by Paul Carrillo. Patrick Harrison and John Fahr of the MP Academy helped us secure the theater for the evening. Finally, Mate Hidvegi allowed us to use a number of his great photos of Tissa and he apartment. I have to loudly thank all of them.

There were five speakers other than me. John Canemaker, Howard Beckerman, R.O. Blechman, Candy Kugel, Arlane Nelson with my closing comments. In between the speakers there was footage from many of the films Tissa animated. I’d like to offer a couple of posts of material from this service. Today, I’m including the program that was handed out to those who attended. I’ll follow with the text of some of those speakers. I’d hoped to put together a podcast of the comments, recorded. However that didn’t work out.
So I’ll simply post the text.

the program

Click any image to enlarge to readable size.

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Laura Bryson and her husband Dave took photos.
Many thanks to them for letting us use her snaps for this post

Tissa’s neice, Arlane Nelson with husband, Duane, and family.
Arlane spoke for the family at the memorial. Her talk was
my favorite, personal and funny and a whole other side of Tissa.

Marilyn David (R), Tissa’s cousin

Ruth Mane and friend. Ruth was one of Tissa’s
closer friends. They were often movie buddies.

(LtoR starting with me) Howard Beckerman (in raincoat), Richard O’Connor (half hidden by)
John Canemaker (back to us), Joe Kennedy, and Liesje Kraai

R.O.Blechman, Candy Kugel, Me

Dave Bryson

David Wachtenheim, Dean Lennart, and Ray Kosarin

(LtoR)Heidi Stallings, Liesje Kraai (back to us)
Richard O’Connor, Candy Kugel (back to us), and Kaukab Basheer

Heidi Stallings, Me, and R.O.Blechman

Jason McDonald and Maria Scavullo

Ray Kosarin, Laura Bryson, and Stephen MacQuignon

Richard O’Connor and Liesje Kraai

(LtoR) John Schnall, Steve Dovas, Masako Kanayama,
Stephen MacQuignon, Bridget Thorne, and Robert Marianetti

Joe Kennedy and Candy Kugel

Some who attended include: Bill Plympton, Bill Benzon, Tony Eastman, Bridget Thorne, George Griffin, Daniel Esterman, J.J. Sedelmaier, Laura & Dave Bryson, Janet Benn, Ray Kosarin, John Schnall, Jason McDonald, Stephen MacQuignon, Rick Broas, Masako Kanayama, Ruth Mane, Steve Dovas, Matt Holt, Richard O’Connor, Liesje Kraai, Dean Lennert, Dave Wachtenheim, Robert Marianetti, and just too many others to remember. It was a great turnout.

Again, many thanks to those I asked to speak. The variety of the talk made for a great conversation. As soon as and if I get their permissions, I’ll post the transcripts of what they had to say.

6 Responses to “Tuesday’s Tissa Memorial – 1”

  1. on 25 Oct 2012 at 6:14 am 1.Stephen Macquignon said …

    I can only speak for myself but others may agree.
    We came to show are respect and say goodbye to a talented animator that captured our hearts with her amazing skills.
    But we also came to spend time with an amazing man that we all love.

  2. on 25 Oct 2012 at 8:36 am 2.Michael said …

    Aw, shucks. Thank you Steve, and right back at you. Heidi said later that night, that at one point during the afterevent, she looked up and saw you, then there was Bridget across the table, and Jason right there. And she started to tear up. She thought how much istory we had gone through together,, and we made our own history. She was right.

  3. on 25 Oct 2012 at 9:21 am 3.Mary Szilagyi said …

    Many thanks, Michael, to you and Candy and John for putting together such a lovely service for Tissa.

  4. on 25 Oct 2012 at 10:34 am 4.Laura said …

    I agree with Steve! Michael, your and Tissa’s collaborative work brought us all together yet again. The significance you both made on many of our lives and careers runs deep and we were honored to be a part of her memorial.

  5. on 25 Oct 2012 at 2:07 pm 5.Dávid Szaniszla said …

    Kedves Michael!
    Köszönöm a szeretetet, amit Tissanak adtatok. Ő nagyon megérdemli.
    I love you and the many friends. Szaniszla

    (Which translates as:
    Dear Michael!
    Thank you for the love you gave my Tissa. She really deserves it.

  6. on 25 Oct 2012 at 10:57 pm 6.Stephen Macquignon said …

    Yes she is!

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