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Albert Dorne

- A new book has been released, Albert Dorne, Master Illustrator. This is a book to fill a necessary hole. The brilliant work of Mr. Dorne must be recognized, and this edition gives him that spotlight he well deserves. With the mere viewing of any of these pieces I am immediately made to think of the Famous Artists School of home education. Mr. Dorne created that school and system and certainly affected a generation of artists.

The book’s cover

Bill Peckmann, of course, brought it to my attention, and wrote the following to introduce this post:

    This is more of a heartfelt plug than an in depth review, but the book is hot off of the presses, it’s great, and just in case anybody wants to get them selves a well deserved stocking stuffer for the Season, this is it!

    You know the new Albert Dorne, Master Illustrator book is going to be good because of a number of reasons. Number one, if you are a Jack Davis fan, did you ever wonder who Jack is a fan of? It’s something he always played very close to the vest, but now we know, It’s Al Dorne!
    The second reason, is that the book comes to us by the same team that brought us that excellent book, Robert Fawcett, the Illustrator’s Illustrator, Messieurs Manuel Auad and David Apatoff!
    The third reason the book is terrific, is because, it is about Al Dorne, illustrator extraordinaire, who was also the founder of the Famous Artist School! The ups and downs of his incredible life, a very huge selection of his work, it’s all here!

It’s said, that if you want to grab anybody’s attention,
you’ve got to start off with a potent bang. What better way
than with the master big bangster, prankster himself,
the one and only Jack B. Davis!













This 1955 Jack Davis comic book cover is not from the Al Dorne book, but
I included it here to illustrate the fact that Al and Jack were marching to the
same drummer. Also, both men were absolutely fearless in taking on crowd scenes!






Bill writes: Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. I had to throw in
another Jack Davis comparison to illustrate how both
Mr Dorne and Mr. Davis could handle and control drawing
crowd chaos like nobody’s business!






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  1. on 20 Dec 2012 at 7:39 pm 1.joel brinkerhoff said …

    Wow, shades of Rockwell and Davis, what a talent! Thanks for a glimpse into an interesting story and unique character both contrary and gifted. Like the Ward Kimball book being held hostage, this looks like a book I want to own and a person I want to know about. Santa, are you listening?

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