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More of Moore’s Mickey

- Bill Peckmann chooses one of my favorite artists to end the comic strip posts for 2012. Dick Moore’s is a champion to me, and his work on the Mickey Mouse strips is wonderful.
I, personally, like the way he draws Goofy. But this is Bill’s entry, so here he takes over the post:

    I’ve always been a fan of Dick Moores’ Disney comic art work, especially the two Mickey Mouse comic books that I have, (we’ve posted one already) if he did more than these two, I’m not aware of them. And if he only did these two, wow, that is really our loss. He had a great understanding of the Mick and the Goof characters.

    His combination of excellent story telling and outstanding art makes you wonder what he could have done with Mickey and Goofy, if he would have had the same lengthy run with them that he had with his super successful Gasoline Alley comic strip.

The magazine cover

Here from 1952 is Dick Moores’ “Mickey Mouse and
the Wonderful Whizzex” Dell comic book.
























The end of the story, but…

…I thought it would be fun to line up these two panels from
Moores’ 1936 comic strip “Jim Hardy” next to the following panel
from “Wonderful Whizzex” done sixteen years later.

2 Responses to “More of Moore’s Mickey”

  1. on 02 Jan 2013 at 11:47 pm 1.Stephen Worth said …

    Woof. I don’t see what you see in this one. Those hand up poses repeated over and over, action cluttered up with poof balloons, dozens of nearly identical Mickey profiles. I love Gasoline Alley, Frank King is a drop dead genius on every level. But the stuff that followed him never even came close to what he created. Maybe I just don’t see it. I never liked Paul Murray either. I like Gottfriedson Mickey.

  2. on 07 Jan 2013 at 11:03 am 2.Bill said …

    IMHO, Dick Moores was one the best in the business, as his many fans and his fellow brush and pen men have attested to over the years. Whatever part of his career, early, middle or late, Moores brought a unique style to the comics page. If you are looking for a slick, by the numbers style of comic art, he might seem lacking, but if you want to see a one of a kind, honest folk art approach to continuity art, Moores is your man. His ability to take you along on a ‘comics’ ride and bring you into the story is matched by few. He ranks right up there with Carl Barks, Chester Gould, Frank King etc.

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