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Jack Davis flashback

Bill Peckmann put together a post of Jack Davis illustrations. It was an obviously difficult piece to assemble and I thank Bill for all the work. From here on, these are Bill’s words:

    The year 1963 was a big year for all of us Jack Davis fans, that’s the year our favorite “Mad” cartoonist did the poster art for the movie ‘It’s A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World” and established himself as an art force to be reckoned with. It was probably also Jack’s first foray into the world of animation, a trailer for the movie was produced at Elektra Films by doing animation camera moves over Davis’ original movie art. (It was also my first year at the studio as an apprentice, fledgling go-fer, so I was able to sit and stare [and drool] at beautiful original JD art when no one was looking!)

    Now, to a quick, short 10 year flashback to 1953, when Jack at age 29, was still cutting his comic art teeth, pen nibs and #3 red sable brushes at the hallowed halls and art tables of EC Comic Books. Even then, known for his speed at getting the job done and his agile ability to cover all of the genre bases, I thought it would be fun to see a sample of Jack’s work from this time period in his life. By showing only the lead, splash panels of the many stories he did, you’ll get a sense of how much work he turned out in an 8 month stretch. March to October 1953. This doesn’t even include his cover art for the different EC titles.

mad1 1
This story is from “Frontline Combat” no. 11.

mad2 2
This panel is from “The Haunt of Fear” no. 18, horror comic.

mad3 3
This panel is from “Mad” comic book no. 3.

mad4 4
“Tales from the Crypt” no. 35.

mad5 5
“Two-Fisted Tales” no.32.

mad6 6
“Two-Fisted Tales” no.32.

mad7 7
“Frontline Combat” no.12.

mad8 8
“Haunt of Fear” no. 19.

mad9 9
“Mad” no. 4.

mad10 10
“Tales from the Crypt” # 36.

mad11 11
‘Two-Fisted Tales” no. 33.

mad12 12
“The Vault of Horror” no. 30.

mad13 13
“Frontline Combat” no. 13.

mad14 14
“The Haunt of Fear” # 20.

mad15 15
“Mad” no. # 5.

mad16 16
“Tales from the Crypt” no. 37.

mad17 17
“Two-Fisted Tales” no. 34.

mad18 18
“Vault of Horror” no. 31.

mad19 19
“Frontline Combat” no. 14.

mad20 20
“Haunt of Fear” no. 21.

mad21 21
“Mad” no. 6.

mad22 22
“Tales from the Crypt” no. 38.

mad23 23
“Two-Fisted Tales” no. 35.

mad24 24
“The Vault of Horror” no. 32.

mad25 25
We’ll end with a splash of color. These three covers,
colored by EC colorist Marie Severin, were some of
Jack’s final pieces of art for the end run of EC comics
in 1955. They were done for their “Incredible Science
Fiction” title. With these covers and his stories inside
the books, meant that Jack worked on all of EC’s titles,
crime, horror, humor, science fiction and war. Lucky for
us, he made all these genres his own!

Here is “Incredible Science Fiction” no. 30.

mad26 26
“Incredible Science Fiction” no. 31.

mad27 27
“Incredible Science Fiction” no. 32.

(One almost gets the sense that Jack had his idol
Albert Dorne egging him on with this cover. A nice
tribute to both those gents!)

3 Responses to “Jack Davis flashback”

  1. on 22 Feb 2013 at 10:28 am 1.Eric Noble said …

    These are incredible. I love Jack Davis’ work for EC. There’s such life and action in his drawings.

  2. on 22 Feb 2013 at 7:07 pm 2.Joel Brinkerhoff said …

    That last color picture of the spaceman sure looks like a Wally Wood to me. Both Davis and Wood are heroes in my long list of artists I admire!

  3. on 12 Oct 2013 at 7:08 am 3.Leonardo Sivertson said …

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