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Peter Pan Strip Book

As promised last week, I have this Peter Pan strip book to post. Peter Hale sent me three book adaptations of the Disney animated feature, and I plan on posting all three. Today we start with this strip book, and I think you’ll appreciate it.

Peter writes:

    I do not know who the artist was. This version does not appear to have been printed in any other form.

    I originally had a copy of this book as a child, but although I kept it for a long
    time it final got lost. I recently found another copy and have had the opportunity
    to regain my childhood!

Here are the scans. You’ll have to click the images to enlarge if you want to read them.

PeterPanStrip1 1

PeterPanStripBook2 2

PeterPanStripBook3 3

PeterPanStripBook4 4

PeterPanStripBook5 5

PeterPanStripBook6 6

PeterPanStripBook7 7

PeterPanStripBook8 8

0 9

PeterPanStripBook10 10

PeterPanStripBook11 11

PeterPanStrip 12

PeterPanStripBook1222 13

PeterPanStripBook14 14

PeterPanStripBook15 15

PeterPanStripBook16 16

PeterPanStripBook17 17

PeterPanStripBook18 18

PeterPanStripBook19 19

PeterPanStripBook20 20

PeterPanStripBook21 21

PeterPanStripBook22 22

PeterPanStripBook23 23

PeterPanStripBook24 24

PeterPanStripBook25 25

PeterPanStripBook26 26

PeterPanStripBook27 27

PeterPanStripBook28 28

PeterPanStripBook29 29

PeterPanStripBook30 30

PeterPanStripBook31 31

PeterPanStripBook32 32

PeterPanStripBook33 33

Many thanks to Peter Hale for sending this rare item.

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  1. on 09 May 2016 at 7:41 am 1.Charlotte said …

    Hi, I’ve recently come across this Peter Pan strip book in my loft! It’s a first edition printed in 1953. Can you offer me any insight into how much it may be worth? Would be very much appreciated. Thank you

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