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The Smoke from Gasoline Alley – pt.1

- Bill Peckmann sent me a wonderful gift. My absolute favorite are the drawngs Dick Moore‘s did when he took over Gasoline Alley from Frank King. There’s a wonderful roundness to the illustrations; you can almost feel the holes in some of their shoes. This is a wonderfully animatable style. Too bad animation died before any pencils could copy it.

The images are from a book called, “The Smoke from Gasoline Alley.” There are plenty of large pages, and we’ve decided to keep them large to appreciate them. Naturally, the story is also great.

We’ll have to break this into two parts. Here’s #1:

Book Cover

GasolineAlley6 GasolineAlley7
6 – 7

GasolineAlley8 GasolineAlley9
8 – 9

GasolineAlley10 GasolineAlley11
10 – 11

GasolineAlley12 GasolineAlley13
12 – 13

GasolineAlley14 GasolineAlley15
14 – 15

GasolineAlley16 GasolineAlley17
16 – 17

GasolineAlley18 GasolineAlley19
18 – 19

GasolineAlley20 GasolineAlley21
20 – 21

GasolineAlley22 GasolineAlley23
22 – 23

GasolineAlley24 GasolineAlley25
24 – 25

GasolineAlley26 GasolineAlley27
26 – 27

GasolineAlley28 GasolineAlley29
28 – 29

GasolineAlley30 GasolineAlley31
30 – 31

GasolineAlley32 GasolineAlley33
32 – 33

GasolineAlley34 GasolineAlley35
34 – 35

GasolineAlley36 GasolineAlley37
36 – 37

GasolineAlley38 GasolineAlley39
38 – 39

GasolineAlley40 GasolineAlley41
40 – 41

GasolineAlley42 GasolineAlley43
42 – 43

GasolineAlley44 GasolineAlley45
44 – 45

GasolineAlley46 GasolineAlley47
46 – 47

4 Responses to “The Smoke from Gasoline Alley – pt.1”

  1. on 17 May 2013 at 1:43 pm 1.the Gee said …

    Yer right.

    The textures created with the hatching and the zip-a-tone fill in things beautifully.

    I like most of what I’ve seen from King’s strip, especially the Sunday ones.

    Admittedly, these excerpts may be the first time I’d peered closely at the strip.

    From a historical perspective, it is impressive that comic strip cartoonists commented on the environment like they did. Granted, other than this one, there may have only been Walt Kelly’s “Pogo” that made a big deal of the environment/ the state of the the world. But, I think others being made from the late 1960s on touched on it.

    Now, I think a lot of strips make a big deal about Earth Day on the Sunday pages. Sort of like they do about Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. (when they aren’t playing a round of golf, those old boys consider such strips to be par for the course!)

  2. on 18 May 2013 at 5:08 pm 2.vincent giard said …

    That page 36…

  3. on 22 May 2013 at 10:39 pm 3.Stephen Worth said …

    I guess that is OK for a strip being carried on long after it went on life support, but it sure doesn’t hold a candle to Frank King in his prime. I have the Sunday Press book reviewed here…

    …and it is a revelation. King was a peer with Cliff Sterrett, Chic Young and George Herriman… all at the same time.

  4. on 22 May 2013 at 10:42 pm 4.Stephen Worth said …

    another amazing sunday page

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