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Robert Wilson’s Alice

I love Robert Wilson‘s work. He’s an artist who creates theater and theatrical events. His opera, Einstein on the Beach, composed by Phillip Glass, made the reputations for both of them. Wilson has worked with many of the key avant garde composers, everyone from David Byrne to Tom Waits. He’s done many pieces with Phillip Glass.

His work, Alice, premiered in 1992 at the Thalia Theater in Germany. The song score was written by Tom Waits and is an original. The story combines the story of Alice Liddell with Carroll’s invention.

I saw the show in 1993 when it played at the Brooklyn Academy of Music and was completely taken by it. This souvenir book was sold at BAM. The first half focuses on Alice Liddell’s life as well as Carroll’s writing. This part of the book is in German and is illustrated with a lot of drawings done by Carroll,

The second half begins with paintings and sculpture that Carroll did, inspired by the work. Then you get a copy of the play illustrated with quick sketches by Wilson.
Here are those two sections. (Click any image you want to enlarge to read.)

Alice1 1

Alice2 2
This is an original drawing Wilson did in the program.

Alice3 3

Alice4 4

Alice5 5

Alice6 6

Alice7 7

Alice8 8

Alice9 9

Alice10 10

Alice11 11

Alice12 12

Alice13 13

Alice14 14

Alice15 15

Alice16 16

Alice17 17

Alice18 18

Alice19 19

Alice20 20

Alice21 21

Alice22 22

Alice23 23

Alice24 24

Alice25 25

Alice26 26

Alice27 27

Alice28 28

Alice29 29

Alice30 30

3 Responses to “Robert Wilson’s Alice”

  1. on 29 May 2013 at 8:48 am 1.Elliot Cowan said …

    When I was at University we were nuts, totally and utterly nuts for The Black Rider his collaboration with Tom Waits.
    We dreamed of seeing the show but never had the chance…

  2. on 03 Jun 2013 at 8:18 pm 2.Joey P. said …

    Glad to see that you appreciate Tom Waits’s work on Alice. The man’s my favorite singer/songwriter, a real iconoclast.
    Why can’t Disney have HIM score one of their musicals?

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