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JackDavis Splash

A while back, Bill Peckmann assembled a number of sample pages from the many pieces Jack Davis had illustrated over a 10 year period. View that here. Bill’s done it again and offers many more glimpses of the many styles of this brilliant illustrator by showing the lead, splash panels of the many stories he did. It really gives us a good indecation of how much work and how varied Jack Davis’ style was and still is.

Ssplash1 1
Mad comic book #8.

Ssplash2 2
The Haunt of Fear #22.

Ssplash3 3
Frontline Combat #15.

Ssplash4 4
Mad #9.

Ssplash5 5
Tales from the Crypt #39.

Ssplash6 6
Two Fisted Tales #36.

Ssplash7 7
The Vault of Horror #33.

Ssplash8 8
Mad #10.

Ssplash9 9
The Haunt of Fear #23.

Ssplash10 10
Two Fisted tales #40.

Ssplash11 11
Mad #12.

Ssplash12 12
Tales from the Crypt #40.

Ssplash13 13
The Vault of Horror #34

Ssplash14 14
The Haunt of Fear #24

Ssplash15 15
Mad #13

Ssplash16 16
Tales from the Crypt #41

Ssplash17 17
The Vault of Horror #35

Ssplash18 18
Mad #14

Ssplash19 19
The Haunt of Fear #25

Ssplash20 20
Tales from the Crypt #42

Ssplash21 21
Mad #15

Ssplash22 22
The Vault of Horror #36

Ssplash23 23
The Haunt of Fear #26

Ssplash24 24
Tales from the Crypt #43

Ssplash25 25
The Haunt of Fear #28

Ssplash26 26
The Vault of Horror #37

And we end with three cover samples.

Ssplash27 27

Ssplash29 28

Ssplash28 29

One Response to “JackDavis Splash”

  1. on 12 Jun 2013 at 11:30 pm 1.Eric Noble said …

    I wish Jack Davis had done more serious comic-book work. Oh well, I’ll just enjoy the work he gave us.

    His figures are so alive and dynamic, even in his more serious work.

    You know, while Marie Severin’s adds a lot of mood to the drawings, the way to really see Jack Davis’ work is in black and white. He was a master of light and shadow using his brush and ink.

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